Saturday, October 07, 2006

"When The Yield Curve Flips.........

.......I'll be watching you." IMMAT IS indeed watching as the Federal Reserve continues to make monetary policy decisions designed to make one's ass tired. For more on the Fed, read about fractional reserve banking (where they create money out of nothing) ---you can probably find a book on the topic in the Magic section at Borders.

The FedFunds rate has not gone down recently, but other rates have. Long-term rates have fallen as have short-term rates...but short-term rates remain above long-term rates. This is an inverted yield curve and it has been inverted since September 19. In the past, an inverted yield curve has been a familiar statistical prelude to recession.

Oh well..just remember there is no time like the present to buy an IMMAT... before I increase the price to $378.99

To learn more about the Fed, please watch the following brief and insightful video:

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