Wednesday, August 09, 2006

They're Flying Off The Shelves!!

The new IMMAT bands have arrived this month and have proven to be a popular item among those "in the know." The testimonials we continue to receive attest to the power of the IMMAT band. (We have received word that even Oprah Winfrey is looking at the IMMAT as a tool for stress relief and anti-aging. We expect to be on a show in the future....we'll keep you posted.

As stated before, the mental and physical improvements attributed to IMMAT are truly revolutionary (see comments under the first blog entry). IMMAT beats illegal steroid usage, hands down.

And remember to send me an email at: to get the link for IMMAT at the low, low August sale price of $6.67.

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1 comment:

Lt. James PC said...

Year after year after year, my ass has been shrinking from sitting in those comfortable boardroom chairs while listening to impressive presentations....."not."

After receiving my IMMAT bracelet, I can truthfully ass has gotten bigger and I now ENJOY those inane meetings. Thank you so much!

I'm now off to another "bored" meeting...and feeling GOOD about it! Again, thank you Sandy for helping me get my ASS back!!! You saved my life/ass...and with this new product I just may be here for another 30 YEARS!!!

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